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Protein Packed Caramel Coconut Parfaits

Are you looking to add more protein to your diet? Are you watching your figure (weight) or your caloric intake? AND you want to make every bite count with high protein, low carb and low fat. This Protein Packed Caramel Coconut Parfait is the perfect fix for a snack or a fueling. This yogurt hack is a great protein packed parfait for a snack, fueling, meal, treat or even a yummy tasting dessert. I love this treat for a mid-day fueling!

These Protein Packed Caramel Coconut Parfaits are a great recipe/hack for any one of your needed protein packed snacks. You can make several of these in advance and have them ready for a grab and go, toss in your lunch or throw it in your bag on the way out the door. They even fit into your Optavia plan, macro-based diet, macro counting or just about any other low carb, low fat, high protein diets.

This super easy recipe makes 2 servings…eat one now and save one for later. 1 serving equals 1 mason jar which is the perfect size snack.

Low carb, low fat, high protein, SCORE!

Optavia 5&1: 1 Fueling, ¼ leanest, 1 ½ condiments

My Fitness Pal macro-based: 174 calories, 14g net

carbs, 4g fat, 23g protein

Why is Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt so good for us? Non-Fat Greek Yogurt is extremely good for weight loss, and it is one of the most diet-friendly foods you can eat. Greek yogurt has twice as much satisfying protein and half the sugar of regular yogurt. One study reported that when dieters upped their protein by 15%, they ate up to 441 less calories per day.

Health Benefits of eating Greek Yogurt:

· Protein: Good source of PROTEIN and other nutrients

· Bone Health: Improving bone health

· Gut Health: Supports and improves gut health

· Muscle health: building muscle mass, muscle recovery and healthy body composition

· Mental Health: encourages good mental health

· Body Health: Supports a healthy body weight.

Reduces appetite and hunger.

Boosts metabolism.

Lowers blood pressure and risk of type 2 diabetes

· Best of ALL: Greek Yogurt is very versatile and delicious!

These non-fat Greek yogurt parfaits are creamy and delicious. You can swap out different ingredients to make them fit into your diet plan. I love these quick grab and go treats and have found a few trips tricks and hacks to take these to the next level.

5 Tips, Tricks and Hacks:

1. Pint wide mouth mason jar – I like to use the pint size wide mouth mason jars to store my parfaits in. They seal great, stack well and are super easy to fill your ingredients in. The wide mouth is the key!

2. Fruit cups – this hack has been life changing! Think of the little self-stable fruit cups that you can purchase from the grocery store and toss in a lunchbox. These have the plastic cup bottoms and the peel back see-through tops. These little plastic fruit cups fit perfectly in the top of the pint-sized wide mouth mason jars. The little lip on around the edge of the plastic fruit cup sits perfectly at the top of the mason jar. Then the mason jar lid seals and then your “dry goods” stay dry. Then when you are ready to eat this treat you can dump your dry goods into your yogurt and enjoy!

3. No Time – So you are in a time crunch and forgot that you don’t have the spare parfait in the fridge but still need a protein packed snack or fueling, so what do you do? Grab 6 oz. of non-fat plain Greek yogurt (or whatever you can scoop into your grab and go container) and put 2 pumps of any Sugar Free Syrup (Jordan’s Skinny Syrup) to your plain non-fat Greek yogurt. This is a terrific trick to give your plain yogurt a good bunch of sugar free flavor! It also allows you to play with flavor combinations easily to keep things interesting AND delicious!

4. Substitution – You can substitute just about anything in this recipe for whatever you have in the pantry. Don’t have your diet protein packet, use a scoop or two of the protein you have. Did you run out of your high protein, low carb, low fat brownie packets, use a chopped up (crumbled) protein bar. You can cut a protein bar into super small pieces or use a chopper. I have used the Pampered Chef Food Chopper in this pinch. Other great options would be searching Amazon for a “food chopper.” -Food Chopper, Manual Hand Vegetable Chopper Dicer, or Cuisinart Stainless Steel Chopper.

This super yummy Protein Packed Caramel Coconut Parfait makes for a great snack, fueling, addition to a meal or even dessert!

Protein Packed Carmel Coconut PARFAITS

2 servings/fuelings: Each jar/serving: 1 Fueling, ¼ Leanest, 1 ½ Condiments


  • 1 sachet Peanut & Caramel Soy Ball Snacks

  • 1 sachet Creamy Vanilla Shake

  • 3/4 cup (6 oz.) Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

  • 1/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

  • 1 TBSP (2 pumps) Coconut Sugar Free Syrup (Skinny Jordon’s Coconut)

  • 1/4 cup Whipped Topping


1. Add half (0.6 oz) of the Peanut & Caramel balls to each jar.

2. In a medium-sized bowl, combine creamy vanilla shake, Non-fat Plain Greek yogurt,

unsweetened Almond milk, Coconut Skinny Syrup and mix until smooth.

3. Place half (approx. 4.6 oz.) of yogurt mixture into each of the bottoms of two, pint-

sized mason jars. Then add whipped topping and serve!

4. If you like more crunch, then eat right away. If you want a little crunch but more of a

soft texture to the Peanut & Caramel balls- put in your fridge over night! Perfect the

next day!!!

NOTES: If wanting to prepare for eating in a few days, you can use an empty fruit cup to keep the dry brownie separate but in the same container.

If eating one now and saving the other until the next day hold off on putting the whipped topping on it as it will get “flat”. Put a jar lid on the saved fueling and put in refrigerator.

When ready to eat, add whipped topping and enjoy.

Eat with a Spatula Spoon (Supoon) to get every bite!

What’s a Supoon you ask? Never heard of it?? Well, this super cool kitchen gadget will change your life! A Supoon is a cross between a spatula and a spoon (spatula + spoon = Supoon); like they had a baby and this amazing life changing new “spoon” came to life. This gadget will scrape the sides of the jars or bowls like a spatula, and you can eat anything you can scrape with the teaspoon size spoon. AND, you can use it as a tsp measuring spoon. Multipurpose kitchen gadget, YES please!!! You’re welcome for changing your life! Enjoy!!

Caramel Coconut PARFAITS
Download PDF • 276KB

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