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Live the Life you Deserve ~ Your Checklist for Mind, Body, and Soul

Goals: Start with one a day from each category and then work your way to as many as you can do each day. Take time for yourself. You are important!

For Your Mind:

Read a book- Find your favorite!

Clean out your closet… purge and donate (it feels good to clean!)

Have a technology free day! (Or at least a few hours!)

Think about (map out) a vacation/day trip, or even a hike

Listen to a book on tape or a podcast

Take a moment to think about and write down what you are grateful for (Gratitude)

Put together a morning/evening plan. Map out what your best morning/evening looks like.

Plan your day – write it out, add in your To Do list. Helps to get it on paper!

Watch a documentary/education program- learn something new

For Your Body:

Drink a glass of water- goal for the day 64oz. Stay hydrated today!

Take your vitamins

Go for a brisk morning walk, talk a walk in the park, get outside

Eat a colorful, plant-based meal

Try a new form of movement- yoga….OR turn on some music and dance like no one is watching!

Stretch for 10 minutes- stand tall, touch your toes, stretch what you can

Take a cold shower or a hot bath

Sit and soak up the sun for 30 minutes

Do an extra facial treatment, apply a face mask, do a scrub, put cucumbers on your eyes

Take a moment to sit and breathe deeply with intention for 5 minutes

For Your Soul:

Meditate – sit with yourself and meditate or YouTube a quick meditation and do along with.

Step outside and breathe in and admire the morning sky or evening glow

Spend time outside / in nature…walking, hiking, sitting

Say no, without an explanation- it’s ok!

Contact with someone you miss- call, text, message

Wash your bedding/ clean up a room/area in your home

Take 5 mins to do affirmations

Plant a garden or buy a live green plant for your room

Greet a stranger - do something nice for a stranger

Do something that makes you laugh and fills your heart

Having clarity (mind), your healthy (body), and a happy heart (soul) is imperative to our daily

lives. Life is so short and way too often we fill our days with an abundance of clutter and distractions. We fill it up so much that we forget ourselves!! We need to make ourselves a priority!! And that priority starts with each one of us! If I must put my foot down and say no to something (and it’s ok!) so that I can make my mind, body and soul happy, I have to. I have to fit it into my day some place, somehow. Taking time for ourselves makes our lives fuller and happier and living a healthy life!

Please note- if you can’t seem to find time for yourself and you can’t seem to find ANY time to slow down, there might be something deeper going on. You might be a student

working 2 jobs, you might be a working single mom of 4 or you might be a stay at home mom and caregiver for a special needs child. The reason you are busy is LIFE IS BUSY. But there is ALWAYS 5 minutes for you. Always. If you can’t possibly find a single moment, you may want to consider if you are running yourself ragged because you don’t have any healthy boundaries with loved ones. You might want to consider if you don’t feel worthy of a break/self care or self love. Maybe you have co-dependent relationships and don’t feel safe to take time for yourself. You may also be running from something- maybe a toxic relationship you don’t want to face or a trauma history that keeps you buzzing so you don’t have to slow down and think about it. In any of these cases, finding an amazing therapist is absolutely crucial in finding what is holding you back and how to bring peace and balance to your life.

You are important! You have ONE life to live. That’s it! Take time for YOU! You deserve it!

Let go so you can really live!
Happy, Relaxed, Free

Great Easy FREE Resources:

Calm App - Get free access to medication wherever you go. Sleep Stories, Sound machine, Music, Meditation Foundations & Beginner Techniques, Mediation for all levels and amounts of time- Free access to great content, soothing sleep stories, gratitude & mood check ins – App for easy phone access or computer access.

Quick Yoga Free access- YouTube “10-minute Yoga” I found this one and like it for morning, my quiet time before everyone else gets up, or quick in the afternoon or even before bed. It’s super easy for anyone to do. I am no Yog-ite and have zero stability standing on one foot, so this is NOT that. It is an easy quick 10-minute slow yoga stretch. There are tons out there, but I found this one and use it often.

10 min Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch by Yoga with Kassandra

Daily affirmations – you can find some great ones on YouTube, just search Daily Affirmations. I found this quickie and enjoy it! I love doing it right after my 10-minute Yoga session. So for a total of 15 mins, I am stretching my BODY, clearing my MIND and rejuvenating my SOUL. Win, Win, Win!!!

Free Daily affirmations – quick 5 minutes:

5 min Morning Affirmation Meditation - Positive Thoughts by Yoga with Kassandra

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