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Can you have CHEESE on the Optavia 5&1 Plan?

Yes! YES! Yes! You totally can!!! But, how do you add cheese into your Optavia 5&1 Plan? I love cheese (like love love) but also want to make sure I am living a healthy lifestyle. So when I thought I had to cut out the yummy goodness of cheese, I was less than happy. But, when I found out that I can totally HAVE cheese on my health journey, I was ecstatic! So check out these options to add cheese into your plan. Cheese is considered many things: fat, protein, and dairy. On th

How to count Flavor God Seasonings on Optavia

0 Calories, 0 carbs, 0 fat? YES please! Flavor God has a ton of different seasonings, all 0 calories. These are perfect for everyone! Dieting, yes! Watching carb intake, yes! On Optavia, totally a YES! Flavor God has sooooo many seasonings…. Sweet, savory, and so much more! A few of my faves: Everyday Seasonings: Taco Tuesday (you can guess when I use this….yes, every Tuesday for Taco Tuesday, duh!), Hot Wings, Buffalo Seasonings…so many! I haven’t gotten through them all, bu

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